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Prenatal Massage with Rebozo (from the 4th month of pregnancy until full term)

The Rebozo, a fabric with deep feminine and nurturing qualities, is particularly suited for the prenatal period.

Wrapped in these long Mexican fabrics, you’ll be cradled and envelopped to find great physical and emotional relaxation.

In comfortable attire, your body is moved according to your needs and stage of pregnancy, stretching, loosening, and releasing tension to also benefit your baby!

Postpartum Massage

After pregnancy and childbirth, taking the time to reconnect with yourself is basic in order to take care of your baby, now cradled in your arms.

This postpartum session is designed to help you find a new balance. The objective is to relieve postpartum pains and tensions and gently realign the pelvic floor.

This session contributes to supporting physical and emotional recovery postpartum. A moment to honor these past months and open space for what follows. This massage is ideally done within 1-6 months after childbirth and can be done with your baby in your arms if you wish.

Sesiones en NiuMA o a domicilio:

We will create a calm and nice space so you can relax and enjoy this beautiful present that you deserve.

I enjoyed the Rebozo massage 3 months after giving birth and I recommend it. It’s a moment for oneself, a bubble of sweetness that also allows you to let go and refocus


The massage with Juliette was a unique and deeply profound experience. I did it in the eighth month of pregnancy and it provided me with a very beautiful and unexpected relaxation. Juliette’s approach and treatment were very gentle and careful, with great respect for my body and the baby. I felt at ease and was able to fully surrender to the experience. Highly recommend!