Regarding the experience of Motherhood, difficulties, anxieties, fears may arise…

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Comprehensive support throughout the maternity process

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As a perinatal psychologist (License No. 28904), I accompany you so that you can navigate those emotions with support and sustenance.

My goal is for you to regain the strength within you and feel at peace.

I will be by your side offering emotional support for:

  • Possible difficulties conceiving and assisted reproductive treatments. Often, getting pregnant is not as easy as we might have imagined. Treatments are not always accurate and come with anxiety and long waits.
  • Fear related to pregnancy and childbirth. It is irrational but very real and can be blockading if not worked on.
  • A gestational or perinatal loss. You may feel lonely and misunderstood. I offer a space of containment and neutrality to help you overcome this grief.
  • A traumatic, premature, or cesarean birth. Sometimes, birth does not happen the way we imagined, and despite knowing that the most important thing is that our baby is well, we repeatedly wonder if it could have happened differently. We need to grief that dreamed birth.

Sessions at NiuMA or online:

In the session, we will establish a safe and trusting environment for you to express yourself freely. I will provide you with specific tools so that gradually you start feeling better.

Vicky was by my side during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as a perinatal psychologist to accompany me with patience, empathy and gentleness. She helped me understand my emotions, to accept them and overcome difficulties. I highly recommend her!

Candice (Liv's mum)

Vicky was indispensable on my path to motherhood. She was with me when I had a spontaneous miscarriage during the first trimester of pregnancy. It was emotionally very painful and her support was crucial. During the next pregnancy she was by my side from the first moment. Her guidance and support were invaluable. I will always be grateful for all of this.

Beth (Chloé's mum)