At NiuMA, we offer support in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Let’s meet without any commitment, and I’ll tell you in detail…

Over 1000 couples supported since 2011

Comprehensive support throughout the maternity process

Languages and assistance for expats

The doula provides emotional and logistical support to the entire family in a personalized way according to the needs of each woman, based on her desires and situation. In no case she interferes with medical or health diagnosis, criteria, or actions. The doula creates a continuity bond, establishes a relationship of trust, complicity, and intimacy from woman to woman.

Pregnancy is one of the most special experiences of your life, but… it also raises many doubts. That’s why I want to provide you stability and a positive and conscious view of what is happening to you.

Childbirth is undoubtedly a vital experience. Before childbirth, I will be available 24 hours a day from week 38 for anything you might need. The big day, I will be at your side discreetly, offering you security and letting yourself be guided by your body. I will go with you and your partner to the hospital and will be at your complete disposal without interfering at all with the medical team. I will visit you again after the birth.

In the postpartum period, you will likely have doubts at a time when you also need to recover physically and adapt to the new family. I can give you tricks, advice, and ideas to make the adaptation to the new life easier.


I gave birth to my first baby, Aisha, in January 2021 and I am so happy and grateful to have had Vicky’s support, as a doula and a perinatal psychologist, during this huge life transition. Pregnancy and birth as first time parents is a rollercoaster of an experience in itself.

Vicky’s professionalism, sensitivity and kindness helped us immeasurably. She helped my partner and I feel well prepared and in control before and during the birth, which combined with her reassuring presence and practical support during my labour, freed me to fully ride the wave of the physiological process my body was going through. In the end my birth was an amazing and empowering experience and I am so grateful to Vicky for the decisive role she played in making that happen.

Vicky’s support post-partum also made a huge difference to my emotional recovery. As well as all her help with breastfeeding, caring for our new baby, and navigating state bureaucracy, she helped my partner and I to digest and process the story of our daughter’s birth.

Aislin and Misbah (Aisha's parents)