Breastfeeding is natural but not always easy at first. Like all practical matters, it is learned by observing others, but nowadays, we don’t have too many opportunities for that.

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I always encourage women to attend a breastfeeding support group, even before giving birth, to address doubts and difficulties, as well as to share experiences. Attendance to such groups is always free and can be accompanied by whomever you wish.

Sometimes, we desire individual attention or find it difficult to attend these groups due to schedules or distance, so I offer assistance at NiuMA or at home or in the hospital (with an additional charge).

I have not only breastfed my three children, but I have also helped hundreds of women in their breastfeeding processes and have specific updated training thanks to the courses and congresses I attend, such as those organized by the Catalan Federation of Breastfeeding Support Groups with over 40 hours of training. I have been a voluntary breastfeeding consultant for ALBA Breastfeeding for more than 7 years, first in the Sant Andreu group and later in the Sant Gervasi group.

Remember, breastfeeding should never hurt, and if you are facing any difficulty, think that often the situation can be redirected. The first step is always to ask for help!

Vicky has been a great support in everything related to motherhood. She has been at my side during the whole breastfeeding periods and until weaning. Vicky came home to help me with the arduous process of breastfeeding (milk let-in, latching, positioning, etc.). In addition to the coaching sessions that I will always remember and that have been extremely useful to me, Vicky is available via WhatsApp for any questions I had. I consider Vicky an essential companion and I recommend her to all my friends who will be mothers.

Claudia Marcó

Vicky’s help has been the key to my daughter’s breastfeeding success!

Breastfeeding my oldest son was very very complicated (pain, mastitis, very long feedings for 5 months) despite advice from several experts – it never completely worked. That’s why with my second daughter; I wanted to ensure a good start and tohave the support of an advisor as soon as she was born. I came to Vicky through Alba Breastfeeding Groups and she was wonderful from the beginning. I called her and I explained to her what breastfeeding had been like before. We agreed that she would come to the hospital as soon as the girl was born and that was the case. Her advice was crucial to ensure a good latch and posture from the beginning; as well as your help with initial difficulties (milk coming in; nipple cracked)… and thanks to her support I have already been breastfeeding for months! Thanks Vicky!

Marta Millleiro