At your side during motherhood’s journey

Since you feel the desire to become a mother to the early years.

Over 1000 couples supported since 2011

Comprehensive support throughout the maternity process

Languages and assistance for expats


Support to face the challenges of motherhood


Individualized care: pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum


Group courses for childbirth and postpartum preparation


To simplify something that could be difficult

Pelvic floor physiotherapist

Taking care of the pelvic floor is health in the present and in the future

Prenatal and postnatal massage

Take care of you before and after birth

NiuMA is a center dedicated to supporting women and their partners in the vital crisis that motherhood represents, since a woman decides to be a mother.

We offer perinatal psychology attention, doula services, breastfeeding consultancy, prenatal group courses, pelvic floor physiotherapy and prenatal and postnatal massage.

I want you to feel supported both emotionally and practically. I would like to provide calmness, security, and the confidence needed to fully enjoy this vital stage.

We speak English, French, Spanish, and Catalan.

We have accompanied over 1000 couples and assisted in nearly 200 births.